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Ph.D. student in EPFL



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Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

September 2022 - Present

Ph.D. candidate, School of Engineering, EDAM, LMTM

Xi’an Jiaotong University

September 2019 - Present

Master, School of Mechanical Engineering, Major in Mechanical Engineering

Comprehensive ranking 1/286, the comprehensive evaluation of the Mechanical Engineering school, ranked first in the first academic year of postgraduate.

Northwestern Polytechnical University

September 2015 - June 2019

Bachelor, School of Marine Science and Technology, Major in Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation

Comprehensive ranking 1/211, the comprehensive evaluation of the Marine Science and Technology school, ranked first in the junior year of undergraduate.


Computer Languages :  MATLAB, Fortran, C, Python.

Professional Software :  Abaqus, Ansys APDL, Fluent, Mtex, Solidworks.

Professional Equipment : SEM, SLM equipment, 6-axis robot(WAAM system)

Language level:       Chinese, Mother tongue; English, C1; French, A1.


Optimization of aluminium manufacturing process Sep 2022 - Present

PhD Program Supervisor: Prof. Roland Loge

· Modelling microstructure and texture evolution during rolling process.

Laser Shock Peening (LSP) & Additive Manufacturing (AM) May 2019 - Present

Master’s Program Supervisor: Prof. Ke Huang

· Effect of LSP on microstructure and mechanical properties of typical high & low SFE materials, shows a large density of dislocation is formed during the LSP process. (Details…)

· Effect of LSP on the precipitation behavior of AA7050, as a result, the implementation of LSP between solid solution and aging on the surface can increase the precipitation density of aluminum alloy. (Details…)

· Effect of LSP on the WAAMed 316L, combined with the subsequent heat treatment, the gradient refinement of the grain in the impact area is realized, and the effect of different inter-layer LSP implementation methods is compared with simulation. (Details…)

· Effect of LSP on the fatigue life of SLMed samples with complex surface topology (concave, convex, and plate surface) employed Abaqus to evaluate the impact of different LSP patterns on different surfaces. (Details…)

Design porous medium heat dissipation microchannel March 2020 - May 2020

The curriculum design of Numerical Heat Transfer

· Based on ten self-designed basic porous media filling modes, 98 kinds of micro-channel design models were obtained by changing the diameter of filling porous media and flow direction.

· Used fluent in valuating the heat dissipation performance of 98 kinds of micro-channel design schemes and finally obtained the best medium distribution scheme. (Details…)

Simulation of recrystallization behavior in rolling process May 2020 - June 2020

The curriculum design of Metal Plastic Forming Simulation Technology

· The rolling simulation of 316L stainless steel was carried out using Forge software, and the dynamic and static recrystallization volume fractions at four different temperatures were obtained.

· Considering the two different heat transfer conditions of adiabatic and natural heat transfer, the influ- ence of different heat transfer conditions on the recrystallization phenomenon is analyzed. (Details…)


Apple Inc.

February 2022 - August 2022

MQE Intern

· Full-time intern, research on deep learning algorithms (computer vision).

Marine Technology Studio (MT studio) (click here to find more about my works in MT studio)

July 2017 - August 2018

Responsible person in Mechanical Design

· Co-founder of Studio and in charge of mechanical design and manufacturing. Designed a kind of child-mother trimaran and finally realized a variety of functions after six versions of iterative design.

· The sub hulls with different functions are designed for different application scenarios and finally real- ize the functions of water surface garbage cleaning, hull deformation & separation, drowning rescue, autonomous cruise, and underwater navigation.

· The project finally won the excellent conclusion of the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship project and won several national, provincial and university-level awards.

Shuizetech Technology Co., Ltd (click here to find more about my works in Shuize)

October 2019 - March 2020

Structural Design Intern

· Designed a Demo version of intelligent buoy used in Marine ranching, which can dock the UUV (Un- manned Underwater Vehicle) and use a solar panel to charge the batteries.

· Worked in a team of four people and developed a mechanical model of Autonomous cruise robot chassis. The robot has a trial run in the factory, which achieved gas quality and image detection.

Orca-tech Co., Ltd  (click here to find more about my works in Orca)

March 2018 - June 2018

Structural Design Intern

· Led a three-person group to design and produce a prototype of the automatic shrimp pond feeding machine, which realized the automatic shrimp feeding function in small shrimp ponds at a low cost.

· Field tests were carried out in the park’s lake, verifying the feasibility of the automatic shrimp feeding boat’s self-designed low-cost power system and control system.


Research Paper Published: “Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties evolution in 7050 aluminum alloy and 316L stainless steel treated by laser shock peening” (The First author, Materials Characterization, JCR Q1, IF=4.342).

Research Paper Published: “Improved tensile strength and fatigue properties of wire-arc additively manufactured 2319 aluminum alloy by surface laser shock peening” (The First author, Materials Science and Engineering: A, JCR Q1, IF=6.044).

Book Chapter Published: “Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing, Chapter 4.3 Selective laser melting of magnesium alloys, and 4.4 Other AM methods of Mg alloys”. (The Third author)

Chinese invention patent: “A post-treatment method for fabricating thin-wall component by precipitating enhanced metal additive manufacturing without solid solution”, the Second inventor, Granted.

Chinese invention patent: “An online heat treatment process for metal additive manufacturing”, the Second inventor, Granted.

Chinese invention patent: “A hybrid manufacturing equipment for additive & subtractive metal mate- rials and laser shock peening”, the Second inventor, Granted.

Chinese invention patent: “A metal additive manufacturing component pore defect clearing method based on-line monitoring”, the Second inventor, Granted.

Chinese invention patent: “A high-energy pulse laser processing and measuring integrated system and method”, the Second inventor, Granted.

Chinese invention patent: “A new surface multifunctional autonomous cruise ship system”, the Fifth inventor, Granted.


National Scholarship (top 5/286), Sep. 2020

MIIT Entrepreneurship Scholarship, Apr. 2019

Thanksgiving Scholarship for Modern Chinese Scientists (top 10), Dec. 2018

School-level outstanding students, 2017 & 2018

Outstanding Graduate, 2020 & 2021

National Marine Vehicle (National level), Grand Prize, Aug. 2018

iCAN International contest of innovation (National level), First Prize, Nov. 20

iCAN China Elite Challenge 2018 (National level), Elite Award, May 2018

BRICS-Young MAKERS COMPETITION (National level), First Prize, Aug. 2018

CPIPC- Electronic design competition (National level), Second Prize, Sep. 2020

CPIPC- Robot design competition (National level), Third Prize, Sep. 2020

Microsoft Innovation Cup (Provincial), Second Prize, Mar. 2018