Effect of LSP on Complex SLMed Surfaces

1. Introduction:

Because the experiment in the WAAM sample on the arc top surface aroused my interest in LSP with complex surface. Based on the existing plane, convex and concave simulations, I made further planning. In this series of experiments, I used selective laser melting (SLM) to manufacture self-designed samples, and carried out the tensile properties and fatigue properties of different LSP schemes.

2. Details of the research

In this series of experiments, I hope to verify the influence of LSP on convex, flat and concave surfaces on the fatigue life through simulation and experiment. Therefore, when designing the sample, it is considered that there should be both convex and concave surfaces on the same fatigue specimen, and the area is the same. In addition, in this set of experiments, the most effective impact method for tensile samples was also studied. This part of the experiment is still in progress, if you want more information, please contact me by email.