1-Marine Technology Studio

1. Introduction:

Marine Technology studio (MT studio) is an innovative team composed of graduate and undergraduate students from NWPU, School of Marine Science and Technology. I joined the team as the head of mechanical design in my junior year and designed six versions of trimaran in the following year. The innovatively designed trimaran can achieve different functions by replacing the side hull. This series of innovative designs has enabled our team to obtain many competition awards and team honors.

2. Our products

Deformable trimaran: By changing different side hulls, the trimaran realized the six functions shown in the picture, and in the field test, the voice of the overboard person was captured by the microphone array and alarmed, and then the side hull was released for rescue. If you want to know more about this project, please send an e-mail to me , I will be very pleasure to contact!

3. Some pictures from the field test & competition

Side hull and field test

Me in the competition