Design Porous Medium Heat Dissipation Microchannel

This is a course design. I used Fluent to analyze the heat transfer of 98 self-designed porous media micro-channel models, and finally obtained the best heat transfer model. The full text of the Chinese paper and the English abstract are attached.

Analysis of heat transfer performance of multilayer inclined porous medium filled microchannel


With the continuous development of science and technology, the demand for high-performance radiators in engineering equipment is becoming more and more prominent. In order to avoid the thermal failure of electronic devices caused by excessive temperature of electronic components, micro-channels filled with porous media have been widely used in the world for heat dissipation. In this paper, from the perspective of microflow heat transfer, the pressure change and heat transfer characteristics of fluid in microchannels are studied. The finite element simulation method was used to find the semi-filled micro-channel configuration with porous media combining high convective heat transfer performance and low pressure drop. In this paper, ten types of porous media filling configurations were designed by means of stratification, segmentation and variable dip channel, and 98 configurations were subdivided into different filling schemes. It is found that the maximum pressure drop ratio of Nussel number relative to the base state is obtained in the unstratified inclined runner. Meanwhile, with the increase of Reynolds number, the pressure drop of the same configuration increases monotonically, and the Nussel number also increases approximately monotonically. In addition, the effects of different filling configurations on pressure, temperature and velocity are also discussed.


porous media; micro-channel; heat dissipation; Finite element simulation