3-Orca-Tech Co., Ltd

1. Introduction:

This is a part of my experience during my internship at Orca-tech. I am responsible for designing and manufacturing an automatic shrimp pond feeding boat, which requires a low-cost and convenient operation mode.

The characteristic of the shrimp pond is that it needs to be fed a large number of times a day, so the ship needs to have a high load capacity, but due to cost control reasons, the budget for the full set of equipment cannot exceed 2000 RMB, so I used ordinary motors and self-designed sprockets — propeller drive mode realizes stable operation at low cost. The ship’s trial voyage was carried out in a park near the school, verifying the feasibility of the power system and navigation system.

The entire hull uses polymer as the floating body, and aluminum alloy profile as the support frame, which provides a stable support structure while ensuring strong buoyancy. The oars are made of 3D printing and aluminum alloy rods. In actual tests, the strength of the 3D printed parts is not enough, and the blades are broken.