Certification Gallery

Hello! This is the where Yandong collects his award certificates!

1. National Scholarship (top 5/286), Sep. 2020

The highest honor awarded to graduate students by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Only 5 of the 286 academic masters in the School of Mechanical Engineering have won!

2.MIIT Entrepreneurship Scholarship, Apr. 2019

This is a scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China for outstanding entrepreneurial teams. Only 10 first prize teams are awarded nationwide each year!

3. Thanksgiving Scholarship for Modern Chinese Scientists (top 10), Dec. 2018

This is a scholarship established by the Lide Shuren Education Development Center to reward high-efficiency and outstanding students in western China. There are only 10 scholarship winners in each school, and it is difficult to apply. [More information]

4. School-level outstanding students, 2017 & 2018

This is a scholarship used to reward outstanding students in the school. The selection criterion is the top 15% of the grade.

5. Excellent Postgraduate, 2020 & 2021

This is a scholarship used to reward outstanding graduate students in the school.

6. National Marine Vehicle (National level), Grand Prize, Aug. 2018

A national marine vehicle design competition held every year. The competition is the highest level, largest scale and coverage competition in the field of China’s shipbuilding and ocean engineering.

7. iCAN International contest of innovation (National level), First Prize, Nov. 2017

The iCAN competition started in 2007. It advocates technological innovation and entrepreneurship to serve the society, improve human life, promote and strengthen the integration of industry, education and research in the high-tech fields represented by the Internet of Things and smart hardware, and promote the development of high-tech industries for high-tech innovation. Entrepreneurship builds an international exchange platform.[More information]

8. iCAN China Elite Challenge 2018 (National level), Elite Award, May 2018

Through the competition, the students will further enhance their ability to show their works and on-site expression skills, and cultivate a series of comprehensive abilities such as communication skills, organizational skills, and teamwork spirit.

9. BRICS-Young MAKERS COMPETITION (National level), First Prize, Aug. 2018

This is an international innovation competition among the five BRIC countries.

10. CPIPC- Electronic design competition (National level), Second Prize, Sep. 2020

It is a group electronic design innovation and creative practice activity for graduate students nationwide. It is a mainstream event that universities and research institutes across the country actively participate in.

11. CPIPC- Robot design competition (National level), Third Prize, Sep. 2020

A robot design competition aimed at enhancing graduate students’ awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivating graduate students’ innovative design capabilities, and promoting the innovative development of robotics technology and industry.

12. Microsoft Innovation Cup (Provincial), Second Price, Mar. 2018

This is an innovation and entrepreneurship competition organized by Microsoft in Shaanxi to select outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects.